Oregon House Democrats pledge to stand up for the middle class and rebuild our economy. To do this we will:

Create Good Jobs: We believe hard work should pay off with a secure job, affordable health care and a sustainable, healthy future. By investing in Oregon we create an environment for business to excel and communities to thrive.  We will focus on creating an environment for smalls businesses to thrive, create re-training opportunities to get people back in the workforce, and invest in local infrastructure that puts people back to work.

Protect Middle Class Families:  In these tough economic times, we need to stand up for the middle class Oregonians hit hardest by the national recession, helping them keep their homes, find secure jobs and get back to prosperity.  We will hold insurance companies accountable, make sure banks work with families whose homes are under-water or facing foreclosure, and protect our schools and our seniors. 

Prioritize Critical Services: We believe Oregon State government works best when it is open, transparent and efficient, giving Oregonians the information and resources they need. We will streamline services, reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and layers of management, and hold private contractors accountable in order to prioritize services Oregonians rely on such as schools, protecting seniors, and public safety.

In order to do these things, we must maintain and expand our majority in the Oregon House. Click here to see the House Democrats Action Plan.

In order to protect the middle class and get our economy back on track, we need a Democratic majority.  In order to win the Democratic majority we need your help.  Volunteer, contribute, meet a candidate - get involved today!